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Read an introduction to Joplin Dental Care’s Dental Implant Surgery, and check out our answers to the most popular questions about Dental Implants that we receive from joplin patients just like you. Learn More >


We’ve helped hundreds of Joplinites with cosmetic procedures that include: veneers; teeth whitening; inlays & onlays; and bonding. We want everyone in Joplin to be comfortable with their smile, and we take that responsibility personally. In fact, many members of our staff here in Joplin have received these same procedures! Learn more >


Endodontics is just a big word for the notorious Root Canal and its related procedures, including retreatment. Learn more >


Growing up isn’t always easy. So we aim to help Joplin children at least enjoy their dentist and love their smiles. We offer both custom Mouth Guard fittings and Sealant Treatments, which are two of the best ways to protect the teeth of young, active Joplin kids. Learn more >


For those unavoidable irregularities of the teeth, we offer all that’s needed to treat them — right here in Joplin, Missouri: from the traditional braces we’re all familiar with to the virtually-invisible Invisalign treatment. We also offer TMJ diagnosis & treatment and Night Guards to help with teeth grinding. Learn more >


Unfortunately, teeth don’t stay perfect forever. But luckily there is a growing level of restorative treatments available right here in Joplin. Read all about your options from Joplin Dental Care, including Bridges or Dentures for replacing missing teeth, Crowns for improving and strengthening your smile, and Bonding to correct tooth cracks and spaces. Learn more >


Periodontic procedures are numerous and diverse. Joplin Dental Care, though, can handle them all with impeccable professionalism. Here on our site you can read all about the Periodontal services we offer here in Joplin, including Arestin, Biopsy, Crown Lengthening, Frenectomy, Occlusal Adjustment, Periodontal Splinting, Osseous Grafting, Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery, Periodontal, (gum) disease, and Scaling & Root Planing. Learn more >

Oral Surgery

Joplin Dental Care’s Oral Surgeries include Wisdom Tooth Removal, Tooth Extractions & Extraction Site Preservation, Bone Grafting and Oral Pathology and Sleep Apnea. Learn more >

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